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  • After refining local water sources, select electrolytic minerals are added and then fractionated into a suspended state. This means the minerals have been crystallized and are so small they stay in suspension rather that falling to the bottom of their container. The addition of these minerals adds approximately 25% more weight to the final product than tap water.
  • The light-energized formulations are electrically charged and encoded with a selection of light-wave energies. These energies are capable of producing specific energy signals that, when in contact with the body, provide an energetic stimulus that enhances all of the body’s vital functions and activities.
  • It is scientifically known that the light-energized solutions are composed of similar atomic molecules as those found in the body’s intracellular fluid. The body uses subtle electrical and magnetic impulses that energize all of the cells, organs, glands and tissues. This electrical and magnetic energy originates at the molecular level of the body.
  • Each one of the body’s approximately 200 trillion atom molecules contributes to the overall electrical and magnetic energy required to fuel the body’s vital functions. The energetic properties of each molecule can become distorted and weakened from years of accumulated toxicity and a host of other environmental pollutants or radiations.
  • Generally, the energized liquid solutions are formulated to deal quickly with cellular toxicity, weak or blocked vital energy movement and cellular balance.
  • The natural electrical and magnetic properties found in all of the light-energized solutions enhance the body’s ability to deal spontaneously with causes of illness and disease rather than their symptoms.